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The River School (PS 281) Afterschool

The Fall Semester of the BA Sports program at PS 281 will run in two sessions. Session 1 will run from Wed Sept 9, 2020 till Thurs Nov 5, 2020. This registration is for session 1.

The program runs 4 days a week between the hours of 3:05 to 5:05 PM. All classes take place at St. Vartan's Park (35th and 1st Ave). All classes are coed. Class sizes will be limited to12 students. These Times are subject to change.
  • Mondays: Running Bases, European Handball, Kickball, and Hit The Deck- Grades: 1-3
    Mondays from 9/14-11/2 - 6 Classes

  • •  The focus of this class will be on basic skill development in a variety of fast paced sports.
  • • We will be working a lot on throwing, catching, movement without the ball and other skills via drills and scrimmages. Class is fast paced and will be high energy but is a good class for beginning athletes
  • • Pickup will be at St. Vartan's Park at 5:05 PM till 5:10 PM
  • Tuesdays: Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, & European Handball- Grades: 3-5

    Tuesdays from 9/15- 10/27 -7 Classes

  • • This class for older students will be more advanced, focusing on more complex drills and sports.
  • • European Handball is a highly active passing game where players run and pass a ball down the floor in an attempt to throw the ball into a guarded net about the size of hockey net. This game emphasizes movement and finding open space.
  • • Pickup will be at St. Vartan's Park at 5:05 PM till 5:10 PM
    • Wednesdays: Soccer, Kickball, Dodgeball, & Hit the Deck- Grades 1-3- Wednesdays from 9/9-11/4 - 9 Classes

    • • This class is for younger students; we will work on simpler drills, emphasizing hand eye coordination, agility, and balance and spend extra time to make sure our students have a strong understanding of the games.
    • • Big Apple will runs drills and games that will emphasize player development, sportsmanship, agility, hand-eye coordination and in game communication.
    • • Pickup will be at St. Vartan's Park at 5:05 PM till 5:10 PM
    • Thursdays: 2 Hand Touch Football, Soccer, Dodgeball, & Running Bases - Grades 3-5 - Thursdays from 9/10- 11/5 - 9 Classes

    • • This class is designed for older students; they will compete in a variety of more complex sports. In this class we will go over throwing and catching on the run, formations, and run more difficult drills for hand eye coordination and stamina.
    • • We will play more scrimmages in this class than the others.
    • • Pickup will be at St. Vartan's Park at 5:05 PM till 5:10 PM